Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nuyorican Soul x Havana Cultura Mix by Louie Vega

Nuyorican Soul x Havana Cultura Mix by Louie Vega

As usual this music takes me places. The more immediate memory is of seeing this gig live in Paris. I was sickly and feeling sorry for myself, but the tickets had been bought in advance and it was fucking Paris. So we headed out, and the minute I got in I hit the dance floor. Achy gimp leg? What achy gimp leg? Sniffles? Fuck a sniffles! I could dance again, and it was to Gilles and this bomb ass Cuban band. It all felt so right. It still feels right.

This music also reminds me that in moving back home that alot of lifestyle vibes - for a lack of a better description - that just aren't really happening in the ATX. I miss walking/riding around Brooklyn. I miss the house music in Central Park. I miss the halal lamb over rice for $5 that you could get anywhere in NYC.

I miss Les Enfants Terribles and the sexy uncomplicated nights I enjoyed there. I miss Malika. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She caught me many a time with my head cupped in my hand openly relishing in her beauty and grace. I miss that giant beautiful Kenyan that I would always run into at Les Enfants Terribles in the wee small hours when they let us smoke inside. A dilettante and a cad, but a what beautiful charmer...

I think mostly I am reminded that I had this other life that I enjoyed rather alot for all of its particular horseshit, and now I am in a completely different universe. Again. I'm happy and all but there is whole body of life that is now behind me. How many universes can one experience in a life time?! Could I up and change my life again at 40? 45?

Life. It keeps comin at ya.

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