Monday, January 9, 2012


I landed a little over a month ago now. I've managed to create some order here and there. Gainful employment still eludes me, and yet I feel unutterably optimistic and renewed.

I can't say that that was the case when I first landed. After going through customs and walking around JFK knowing I was in NYC, but I didn't live there anymore was like seeing an ex who smashed your hearts to bits on the other side of the street you are trying to cross out of the blue. Everything came rushing back...the energy was still there and still intoxicating...but the few feet between you may as well be light years. There is only forward, you say to yourself as you look back once more.

I thought I had made a mistake. I wanted to be back in Paris, but NYC would do.

The Paris and always simmering Buenos Aires thing is still totally real, but so is my love for the ATX and the peeps I call family here. I love being back. I am looking forward to getting a job, making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, challenging myself, and just generally enjoying the f**k out of life. I still think about NYC alot and totally miss it in many many ways, but this is where I belong. En plus, my apartment is in a GREAT neighborhood and getting cuter by the minute. Can you say AIR bnb?

2012 No Fear. No Hate. No Pain. No Broken Hearts.

Pennybacker Bridge over the Colorado River New Years Day, 2012

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