Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something lost. Something found indeed.

So last night I lost my wallet on the 1 euro bus back to Le Roque des Alberes. I was so tight! But as I was walking home to farm, it dawned on me that shit like that was the dark side of adventure. It can't all be air kisses with gay Cali Laotion flight attendants and French Connection style hashish deals. Sometimes shit just straight up hits the fan. In my case, my bladder betrayed me in Soreda, and I lost my wallet. I knew I had a good chance of getting the credit cards and ID back, but I knew if the wallet came back to me the money would be gone. Sure enough, I got the wallet back with everything but the cash. Don't ask how much or what happenend in Soreda. Let's just leave it at Verushka learned a very expensive and humiliating lesson in strategic planning. 

On a much lighter and surprising note, I just got a random message from a woman who likes to watch my episode of Can't Get A Date for laughs, and thought my complaint against Michael Andrew Bespoke on Yelp was hilarious. Makes one think this writing thing might be the way to go...

Annnnnnd back to a heavy note...

So I just had dinner with my WWOOF compatriots and pretty much lost my cool because this 19yo American insisted on taking the position that so called illegal immigrants in the states were taking jobs away from Americans and literally took it there saying that America was about freedom so long as you're an educated white guy. Mind you, this little dipshit has confessed to being in Europe for a month too long. That effectively makes his bum ass a CLANDESTINO as well, and yet he cannot and will not make the connection between his own namby pamby precarious state and that of some soul crossing over the Rio Grande. And don't even get me started about this dumb shit's work ethic on the real WWOOF tip. EN PLUS!!!! The new old French dude WWOOFER effectively said that the so called North African immigration issue in France was too much. As in too many North Africans were rollin through. Well was it too much when the French claimed North Africa for itself?
I mean, reading the history on the French's parting with Algeria was like a shitty psychotic  break up with a rich ex lover. What's up boiling bunnies Fatal Attraction stylee?!?!

How about you fuck faces expand your circle of empathy and get your head our of your asses? And people wonder why I go to bed early around here. That said, Namua (my host) save for her lack of organizational planning and management is proving herself to be a totally right on soul.

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