Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sade, Neo Nazis, Hookers, and crack heads from La Porte Texas

Every once in a while when I am on the tram or have a quiet moment to myself I marvel that I am in what was formerly East Germany, and the birthplace of Mozart. En plus, our host in Leipzig was born in 1989, just around the time the Berlin Wall was fell. Her understanding of Germany and the GDR is something of a gut wrenching balancing act the "bucolic" GDR memories of her parents and the "propaganda" of her education regarding the GDR. As always it is all happening.

Leipzig is not big on color. Every spot we went to was beige and sparse. It was alternately soothing and maddening at the same time because the color scheme and decor create the strange sensation of being in an alternate universe. There was no mixture of gurgling chatter and clanging kitchen sounds. It's just the kitchen sounds and the radio. I mean I saw people talking, but I couldn't hear them.

The above photo was taken by the window of an outre Leipzigisch restaurant. One could see the canal from where we were sitting. There is an illuminated foot path above, and below it's reflection. I feel like the reflection perfectly embodies this other worldly quality that I had experienced in Leipzig. For two hours the reflection of that footpath was still.  So much so that I first thought that the reflection was the footpath! I kept looking over waiting to see someone skuttle across. It was only until I saw the water ripple that I realized it was only a reflection. For that moment Leipzig was sexy and mysterious with its fog and beams of light softening the darkness. One could absolutely picture GDR Stazi shadiness going down.

Anyways, Sade was amazing! She has still got it for sure, and that voice! The Germans however don't have "it". As in those fools were easily the stiffest audience I have ever been a part of, and god bless 'em but Germans cannot dance to save their lives. Needless to say Germany is super white. Leipzig more than Berlin what I can see. That's not a slag on Germans, just an observation.

Speaking of whiteness in Leipzig, I shot the double bird with wings to this shrimp neo nazi fuck face on the tram after the Sade concert much to my friend Carmen's annoyance. When we first got on the tram I didn't pay him much mind. Then Carmen began to look visibly uncomfortable by his presence. As the tram ride continued he started to stare at this bi-racial Asian woman. That went on until he reached his stop at which point he got in her face and waved in a mocking way, and then he looked over at the bi-racial African woman and shook his head in disgust. At which point I shot him the double bird with wings in rage, disgust, and distaste. FUCK that cock chugger.

Carmen got annoyed with me because she felt like I was antagonizing the situation, and she's not wrong. I lost my temper, and was looking for something to pop off. That said, I felt like I should have been vocal in my disgust even if it meant an ass kissing in a foreign land.  Why does that motherfucker get to menace people (women of color specifically) with his fucked view and sublimated desire, and no one say anything? It's the 21st century! Millions of people and counting have died behind horseshit like this and we're all suppose to stay quiet for fear?! I know that by the most reasonable standards...yes, but at that moment I didn't. Carmen was right to point out the language and cultural barrier in a situation like that, but one doesn't need to be fluent in a language or need a cultural context to see insidious racist/facist hate for what it is. HATE.

After that I got majorly turned off to Leipzig. That sensation was irrationally compounded by yet another instance of witnessing the mangled death throes the youth call dancing at some dub step/dnb party we went to afterwards. Mind you, even as I write this  I know not all Germans are represented  by that dick bag on the tram. In fact, there is a youth movement that runs completely counter to that. The house and the neighborhood we were staying at were riddled with anti nazi/anti facist/anti sexist graffiti and graphic art. They have no interest in looking back, but it is also very telling about how real the issue is still in Germany.

As always it all happening.

So far I have only spent a day and night in Berlin and all I have to say that is for a town of 3 or 4 million people, this place is shady enough for all of Europe. OMG! During the day I walked down this street called Oranienstrasse with Carmen, and it looked arty and cool with a hint of drag rag squatter vibe. At night it was straight up a den of iniquity what with the hookers lining the streets like lightposts and bars in old squats, and one giant cracked out Texas brother from La Porte, Texas! Yes! I managed to meet a drug addled 43yo African American from east Texas in a squatter bar in downtown shady ass Berlin.

Needless to say, Paris is still winning the coolest city in Europe competition.

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