Monday, November 7, 2011

Johnny Walker Red is sweet.

Too sweet. That said, it was nice to have a tipple of something other than the boxed vino our host shares at the table. Tomorrow when I go to Perpignan again, I will make it a point to score a good bottle. While I can not wait for Saturday to get here, I am glad that I stayed. Walking the dogs in the mountains is beyond rad.  Ditto for busting up palettes with a sledge hammer and sawing and stacking wood. Yesterday, I took the dogs down by the water and further up the trail than I normally go as our host requested that we give the dogs a nice long walk. Even though I came back soaked through and through it was thrilling to see the river one hears in the distance up close, it's ferocity as palpable as audible. Walking the trails up there you think about all sorts of old these mountains are...being a Catalan revolutionary on the run in say 1936...

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