Monday, November 21, 2011

Heaven and Earth are mine says I

The night I found out that I didn’t get into grad school also happened to be one of those delightfully drunken nights where you come home a little wobbly, but one is home and chipper, none the less. I believe I had spent a riotous evening at Les Enfants Terribles, as was my want. Fast forward to Berlin at 3am…I came home from Berghein (a supposedly wild and notorious Berlin night club that was supposed to reek of semen upon entry) in good spirits to an email informing me that I was not accepted into Texas’ Region XIII Alternative Certification program. The reason? My GPA and SAT math score were too low. 

At first I was ok with the decision. I mean it ultimately frees me up to do whatever I want. As in stay in Europe a little longer! I won’t have to be in Texas if I don’t want to. But the more and more I thought about it the angrier I got. My 6 years as a youth development professional apparently mean nothing in comparison to my performance as an admittedly feckless college student.  My invitation to interview with the NY Teaching Fellows, an organization working within an education system designed for 500,000, but serves over a 1,000,000 is trumped by a low math SAT score. Fucking unbelievable. And let's be perfectly clear, I would have been teaching in a NYC school this year if I hadn't have been hit by that car. Period. Full stop.

I’ve got half a mind to write Region XIII and tear them a new asshole, but what would be the point if I know in my heart of hearts I was somewhat ambivalent about the whole teaching in Texas thing. I see this as just another sign that whatever awaits me is still out there. Fuck you Region XIII, you just passed on a badass teacher. I got bigger fish to fry.

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