Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The last day in Paris

Tomorrow I leave for Barcelona. Unfortunately, I am associating Barcelona with the trip being over, and I am so beyond bummed about it! I don't want this to end, but I would also like to have a home again. All that said, no more moping Verushka! Get out there and give Paris fresh hell once more!

And as for've rented an apartment for your stay in a cool neighborhood, you'll be fine. Stop wingeing! It's all happening!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Killer Nights in Paris

La vie commence maintenant, et maintenant, et maintenant

So I finally got some "culture" in. I went to see the Diane Arbus exhibition. Pretty potent stuff. Showing things as they are seems so easy. And yet...

I found her work very inspiring. Her work also made me remember what I loved about New York so much. Different outfits, same vibes. Different iterations of the same unknowable life force coursing through every single living entity. One can look and turn away from that intensity in reality, but once captured in a photo it is always there. 

Diane Arbus 

Two friends at home, N.Y.C. 1965

The music has been bangin for days in Paris. Every night has culminated in bomb ass dance music. It's worn me out. And tonight there was the wonderfully unexpected pleasure of super sexy sensual French burlesque. There was gender bending, ballet, erotic lesbian moisturizing, and glistening burlesque routines done to Bjork and Massive Attack.  My flat nasal Fuck Yeah was heard by atleast a 1/3 of the crowd. I was beside myself with its playful, sexy, and unutterably erotic homage to burlesque. The whole place harkened back to a world Anais Nin and Henry Miller might have traversed, except this is 2011. Thus, the Bjork and Massive Attack. 

The crushed red velvet curtains, the tobacco stained leather seats, the hushed opium den lights, the low slung ceiling, and a smattering of people fully looking the part of French 1930's dandy or Lillian Gish nymphets was completely transfixing. That is until, the show was over and then the techno started. We probably should have went to Nouveau Casino then. They were spinning funk and soul. We worried about the club being fire hazard packed, so we stayed a little longer. Eventually we made our way over to Casino, and true enough the music was on! I just wasn't feeling the drunk people as I was not one of them tonight. And sadly, some poor bastard might be a vegetable for the rest of his life after he took a majorly gnarly spill down the steps inside Nouveau Casino. They had to shut down the party he was so busted up. I couldn't bring myself to look too intently. Been there done that, know what I mean? 

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