Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Whole World Is Watching!

The Whole World Is Watching! Let Everybody Know!

This is fucking shameful! Ten years! Ten years we've been at war. Ten years we've been broke. Ten years of watching a this fucking democracy crumble under the weight of greed and warmongering. I was gonna bitch about a moment I had with my host, but fuck it. I'm only here for another week.

Before I left I NY I went down to Occupy Wall Street myself to see for myself what was going on, and document what I saw. My photos and videos are on this blog. I too got shoved by some cunt cop. They are trying to provoke people!!

What a shitty way to kick off a century. America,  I may be bloated and sick off of your apple sauce and crushed pears also known as the propaganda you're cramming down my throat every fucking day, every where I go, everytime I look into another poor bastard's eyes, but I can still call bullshit! We want our fucking democractic nation back where there is room for everyone!  Shame on you Bush and your whole fucking complicit ass family. Your peeps did business with the Nazis and you did business with Bin Laden. SHAME! SHAME! Traitorous shame! Your cronies are sucking the very life essence of this nation!

Your filth will come out in the wash, it always does. You had just better hope that you and your ilk are dead and buried lest you suffer the blistering vilification that will forever blacken the names of Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, Bin Laden, and Murdoch. I personally, hope that I see your supposed legacies crumble in my lifetime.

I am angry. I am angry that this is the world that has been left to me. Screw the conjecture and the conspiracies. I smell a motherfucking rat and now the rest of America does too. But can America part with some parts of American life? Like would it be so bad if we all gave up our cars, designed our cities on a human scale, ate better, worked less, engaged more, and had some good ol' fashioned private time with America? Got to know one another again?

I mean I feel so estranged from the rest of America culturally, but I know I'm not. I'm as American as you can get. En plus, I'm from Texas. But my values set me apart. What are your values, would be a very valid logical next question. I couldn't tell you in succint or even articulate way. I just KNOW. It has alot to do with not acting (or not acting) out of fear.

Have no fear of fear. --Charles Bukowski

Fear is the mind killer. --That dude from Arrakis othewise known as Dune.

We are everywhere, we are the 99%. Let's become our own myths and legends for a new America.

I may not be down there with you physically on Wall Street, but I am with you. THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING.

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