Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peace at last

This week I've fallen in rhythm with the life on this here farm, and it's been great. I get up around 8:40, and am downstairs eating breakfast around 9:15. Breakfast consists of bread with butter and jam with tea. By 9:30 or so I've slipped on my work boots and get crackin' pickin apples. We work until 12:30 or so, and then break for lunch. The other day Nicole's mom brought over homemade paté for giggles. We cook, we eat, and then nap for 1/2 an hour. Then it's back to work until 5:30 or so. There's this practice in France called le gouter (I think). Basically, it's an afternoon snack that's traditionally for kids, but given the nature of the work it's a nice bridge between lunch and dinner. Again Nicole's mom hooks it up with bombass apple tarts.

The work is hard, but utterly satisfying.  The work is not satisfying because I'm trying to please a boss, meet a deadline, or pull a paycheck. The work is satisfying because it feels good to be out under a dramatic sky, thinking, sorting, being apart of something that has fuck all to do with work as I've understood it in my adult life.  I come back to the maison tired and dirty from the day but not like before. This routine is not one to be dreaded or scorned it is simply what must be done.

When I am out there picking out all the soft and rotted apples I think alot about what my life will look like when I get back to the States. Do I really want another gig like the previous? In some ways, yes. In most ways, hell NO. Mostly, I don't want to work for anyone like RLS ever again and I want to cultivate THIS sensation but toward my own endeavors. I also think about what I will take back with me. And when I say what, I don't mean things (other than an Adidas track suit), I mean what of these experiences will I bring back with me. For sure le gouter.... :P

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