Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not all that glitters is gold

So in my last blog I was being a little vague on the situation here in the Pyrenes. Yes, the mountains are beautiful, but so far my experience here has been kind of wack. My first two nights here we had to deal with our host's psychotic son making sexist and racist comments, and for realsy threatening to kill a wwoofer because he thought she broke the guitar strings on the guitar. He also apparently roughed up his mom last Friday night. That was day one. Day two apparently threatened rape on one of the wwoofers he was attracted to. Thankfully, the law got involved and he was taken to the hospital for psychiatric treatment, but that does not negate the supreme irresponsiblity on the part of our host for exposing us to this. Then there's the issue that nothing is really explained or organized. Like don't crawl up my ass with a flash light about how many hours I am obligated to work when all you've offered in the way of permaculture and vegan education is a list of house chores scrawled on the back of a advert and our meals. This isn't my first fucking rodeo.

I said I would commit to three weeks when we corresponded back in August, but I might be leaving sooner than that. I'm seriously not feeling her bullshit. Katie and my mom are like just get the hell out of there, you don't owe this woman anything. The way I figure it, if she insist on running this like some sort of glorified hostel with no inclination to discuss or share then fuck it. I'll get all Cool Hand Luke about the shit and make my own work. If you're gonna abscond to your office or bedroom every night then I too shall do the same. I've spent all week trying to be cool and make nice with the other wwoofers, and for the most they are ok, but when you start talking shit about the US, but you've never been there, then you can go get fucked. Because at that point in the conversation you're attacking me.

Oh and there is no French spoken in this house. None. Zip. Zilch. That also chaps my ass to no end.

If the rain has stopped I'm gonna try to pop into town after dinner. I don't even want to see these people's grills.

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