Friday, October 21, 2011

Khadafi c'est mort

So they got ol freak Khadafi yesterday. I must say it is supremely surreal to hear major news when you are far from home. Today over lunch Luc, Nicole, and I were discussing the implications of his death what'll it'll mean for Libya. Luc was saying that after the French Revolution it took France 100 years to stabilize and flourish. I don't think Libya has got that kind of time. Do any of the nations of the Arab spring have that kind of time? Back when France (and Europe) was in its throes of breaking free from monarchical rule there was no internet, no quibbling over oil, etc. Perhaps the one thing they have in common is the gnashing desire to be in a new century with new ideas and visions. Godspeed to the arab spring, may it have all the time it needs to do right by its people.

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