Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Je suis Americain. Please cook my steak again.

I always thought Ben Folds was taking the piss out of Paris when he sang that line, but now that I've had a "very well done burger" in France turns out he's right. Next I will tell no pink. hehehe...

Ahem anyways, Paris was amazing. The food was whatever. However the food in Normandie is dope.

Admittedly I've only had Nicole's home cooking but what can I tell you, it's delicious! So far it's been pretty amazing out here in the country save for this bum ass cold. I literally just got sent to bed with a hot glass of calvados, honey, lemon, and hot water. Nicole said I pushed myself too hard these last few days what with the change in every damn thing. Language. Food. Circadian rhythm. Labor intensive days. That's how I roll. I did the same thing in Amsterdam. I do the same thing everywhere. I like gettin after what ever it is I am up to. Now I am laid up in a wonderfully warm and super old barn/house sick as a dog. Merde!

I also have only just now manage to score wifi here, so I never got a chance to talk about how amazing and special Paris is. That said, I will let a quote from Paul Bowles sum it up:

It is there, along the banks of the river and among the bridges, that you can touch the spirit of Paris, and while that spirit is not a tragic one, surely it has little to do with gaiety. Rather, it bears witness to an essential consciousness of the need in life for beauty, and to an understanding of the use of proportion and harmony in the achievement of beauty . It provides the artis with heartening, ever present proof that man made beauty is attainable, and does so in such a natural fashion that when one thinks of the banks of the Seine one thinks simultaneously of artists, for the two belong together. 

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