Thursday, October 6, 2011

Half a day into the future brought to you by Blue Cheese

I think it's hilarious that save for when I've got a camera strapped to my neck, Amsterdamers totally think I'm Dutch. That said, I am really going to need a phrase book for France!

I fared a little easier bike riding today, but I was woefully underdressed. No surprise there. I am always under dressed for cold weather. I rinsed and repeated the route I took yesterday, and then took it a little further. I've decided to only hit coffeeshops that I randomly stumble upon. So far that's meant one crazy per shop, but whatever! I am totally diggin the local flavor of each spot. Today I tried the blue cheese and some sort of creamy hashish. Super smooth, and way more chill! Yesterday's Amnesia Haze was bananas!

The other thing I am really loving about Amsterdam is how much more space there is for EVERYONE. And when I say 'space' I mean socially/culturally/class/race etc. I am sure shit is really fucked on some level I can not see as I am just passing through, but just watching life go by at that particular shop, life is pretty good for everybody.

The streets are clean, the self medicating mentally ill have a place to chill, dogs aren't on a leash, there is precious little dog poo, old ladies buy cannabis, old ladies ride bikes, and babies chill on their parental unit's bike entertaining themselves with the bell.  It's all happening on a scale that is very palatable. It's on a human scale. Hell everything is on a human scale here. There are no sky scrapers to speak of, there are speed bumps every where, and the grocery stores smell fresh and delicious. Quality of life here is real. The US trippin about its understanding of the good life.

Maybe I am still jet lagged because I still feel kind of out of it, and this crick in my neck will not go away! Oh and Dutch coffee is retard strong.  I think I will go with tea tomorrow morning.

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