Sunday, October 9, 2011

Citizen M over all gets a B+

I loved my hotel room. I liked the 24hr mini bar, but they could do with a little more attention to detail. In my case, I called those fools in the wee small hours asking about the cost of a taxi and whether or not they accept credit cards. The ambassadors said they couldn't give me the cost but the taxi would indeed accept credit cards, for a minimum of 25 euros! Pinche cabrones!

That is exactly the sort of shit a foreign tourist needs to know. They could also do with an ATM somewhere on the premises. Other than the fact that they are not nearly as central as advertised, it was a great experience. Mostly because of that giant ass bed and the rain shower! Getting off a haul of traveling, those amenities were definitely what's up.

Yesterday I spent the whole day on a bus traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. While I still don't know how to say "Please stop the bus I have to pee. It's an emergency!" in French, I CAN ask "where is the bathroom for women", and "how do you say 15 minutes". I am totally going to speak French by the end of this.

I am actually kind of glad I took the bus from Amsterdam to Paris save for that squawking 3 year old. It's been super cool seeing the European countryside, little Dutch towns, and Brussels! Independent of my bladder's recent disdain for long rides, I have always enjoyed long car/bus rides. I like looking at all the different cars, and the people in them. Ditto for the land off the highways.  Come Monday I'll be in the countryside of France good and proper.

The size of these windmills was terrifying!

Later I'll tell y'all about my first night out in Paris last night! A bien tot!

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  1. So what happened from the peeing emergencies? You can't just leave us hanging like that!


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