Friday, October 7, 2011


No deep revelations today. Just enjoying being alive somewhere else. Yeah, it's the same planet, but this is certainly a different universe.

I returned the bike today and hopped on the tram. I may or may not have been by the Centraal Station. I got off once things started looking interesting.

Today's afternoon jaunt has been brought to you by White Dolphin. A supremely mediocre sativa, sold at a supremely mediocre coffee shop. This was the first super touristy spot I stumbled upon, and it was kind of obnoxious. But whatever it was raining and I wanted to dry off. I however, love the 80's throwback videos.

Watching these videos makes me think about how much I (and the world) love playing with IMovie. My generation grew up on these mini films called music videos. Speaking of, I am gonna make a video about every city I visit. Now the question is what would the soundtrack for Amsterdam be? I kinda want it to be the Woolite commercial music.

More stumbling, fumbing, and bumbling until I found Dampkring. Now that place was happening. The cannabis wasn't as good as what I've scored in the outer rings of Amsterdam, but the vibe was way more festive. The music has been the best here by far. And there was a 13 yo cat chillin there!  Check out my Youtube channel for the video of my time there.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to demonstrate the potential merits of a 3some. That was what I learned hanging out at some lesbian bar in what I think was Rembrandtsquare. I wouldn't have gotten there without Jerry...

I met my guide Jerry at yet another coffeeshop by Centraal Station. He was an old Dutch stoner had a magical four months in California when he was 20. I was asking for direction to the street where the lesbian bar was, but I had horribly misspelled the street name. Jerry was picking up what I was putting down, and proceeded to explain to me that Amsterdam was like a giant spider web, and that I could get anywhere if I followed the canals. He graciously walked me to the street I was looking for, and on the way he pointed out churches, how to cross the street Dutch stylee, bought me a Looza, lamented all the cars in Amsterdam, and generally showed me his town.

Jerry lost his job driving a flower truck, but despite all that he was in good spirits and counted his blessings as we walked. I had been hoping to link up with some locals through couchsurfing, but either the people I reached out to were sick or had other obligations. This Jerry dude filled in admirable. We parted ways with a handshake.

That's what's up.

Tomorrow. Bus ride to Paris!

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