Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

Tonight the veils are the thinnest between this world and the next. A fire was lit, but her heart wasn't in it. Everything has lost its meaning and dimmed since he has transitioned. To watch her struggle it seems as if death in the face of love is the one true test of faith. Life is unrelenting in its march into the ether.  Yeah, it'd be nice to be raging somewhere but it is also good to reflect. I still believe this is all one glorious crap shoot, and it really does not mean anything. People think that is such a nihilistic point of view, but it's not. It is just an acknowledgment that life will continue no matter what.  Sometimes that's cool, and one is into it. Other times its the most soul destroying thing one has got to face as long as one draws a breath.

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