Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Is Really Happening

You's one thing to make a decision in the ether, and it's a whole other set of horseshit once a plan's momentum gets here faster than one can imagine. I'm writing this on the shower chair I got from the hospital, as it is the only thing I can sit comfortably on. One of the 4 Ikea stools I am leaving behind is serving as a makeshift desk as I dot remaining I's and cross lingering T's.  I've spent the last few weeks alternating between packing and sitting in a stupor that I have to make this happen. Oof! Rough stuff. But now it's done and done. I feel relieved, and very sore. These WWOOFer's are really only going to be able to get 5 or 6 hrs out of me. The leg fades out after that.

It's so bananas to be sitting in this apartment right now, and the cats! They don't know what to make of this sitch except that there is alot more room for them to dick around. I know they get something is up. Thankfully, I have been ok'd by the vet to knock their little tails out with benedryl when it is time to put them on a plane. I'm going to miss my little booger bears.

Piggeletta and BoyBoy

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