Saturday, September 17, 2011


Man alive! The gay bar here on Rehobeth Beach was fire hazard packed with gym teachers, and softball coaches and those that love them. And I loved it! Rehobeth is also crammed with young nubile eastern European foreigners working seasonal gigs on the boardwalk and the strip. I don't know how that came to pass but it is cool. I even got to throw out this filthy phrase in Romanian much to the delight of the cuties behind the counter at Coldstone.

This trip so far has totally hit the spot. Talk about restorative. Walking along all these little beach bungalows, feeling the breeze, hanging with my girl and her family, and snapping photos is totally what's up.

NYC who?

The further and further I get away from that job and NY, I realize that it is indeed time to go. NY has served its purpose in my life for the time being. And if the truth be told, I don't think that it is a coincidence that the recent conflagration of events ran together. Between my profound disenchantment with my then job, the hit and run on the eve of my interview with the NY Teaching Fellows, and the NY Teaching Fellows piss poor response to my having been hit by a car i.e., they told me that even though I missed my interview because I had been in the hospital with a broken leg I would have to re-apply to the program, I am of the attitude...Get bent NYC. There is a whole lot more world out there. I have chased my ghosts and slayed my demons. I don't have the requisite chip on my shoulder anymore to give a flip about this town anymore.

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  1. Sounds like you're having an amazing time. From what I've read, you hit it dead on the head with the Texas heat, so shipping any living thing is like mailing it/them to death row. Keep the posts alive sis and I'll be reading!


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