Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Last Days

I had a pretty great blog entry last night on here that got snatched into the ether. Blogger.com seized up or something. Or maybe my security is too intense. Anyways, my no neck little monsters are at my mom's place in Texas after so much weather drama. Don't even get me started on the shitting (abject fear) and the drooling (cat reaction to the flavoring in baby benedryl)!

I half expected to see them at the apartment when I got back last night. The apartment truly feels empty now. We are very much a family me and those little beasts. Talk about an air of finality. There's no escaping that a week from today I will be getting on a plane. Am I beyond stoked?! Absolutely. But I am also completely gutted. More so than I thought I would  be. I am slowly shedding myself of the notion that just because a decision has been made that your emotions are going to fall into lock step with the decision. I am changing the landscape of my relationship with Tia because of this seismic shift in my life. I know it is for the best for a whole host of reasons, but the looming sadness and ache of saying good bye is drawing oh so close.

sigh...that's livin.

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