Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I really should be packing.

As is my want in the face of immediate and terrifying stress (ie packing up my apartment), I perused the Weddings & Celebrations section of the NYTimes. I read one announcement where these two 'talented tenth' types met while at Yale law school. He's got a Masters in History from Oxford. She's an associate at a white shoe law firm. And I thought to myself...damn their parent must be proud. and then I was like what...what do my parent have to be proud of? All I could come up with was that I held a steady job for six years, and never ended up in the papers or the clink. Not bad right? RIGHT?!

Hell who knows, but I'm proud of those things. 
So I have the itinerary laid out for Europe. I'M FUCKING STOKED, and also literally tearing my hair out. No for realsy, there was a ping pong sized mound of tiny little curls collected around my person. I feel like my life in NYC is bottlenecking. Striking an apartment that you've lived in for 8 years is daunting and gut punching. Like, why do I have so much shit?! And the answer is that I had all this shit, because I thought I was gonna live here forever, and you still would be if you hadn't been hit by that pinche car.

Now look at me...working with  a recovering gimp leg, but doing the damn thing. I should do well to remember that. We all should. Living is really the only reason for living. I'm not a smart woman, but I think I can keep things interesting til it's my time.  

And now the set list for Europe:

October 5th - 9th - Amsterdam. Yes I am going for all the reasons you think, and what ever other reasons come down the pike when I'm there.

October 10th - 23rd - Calvados (living/working on an apple farm WWOOF stylee). For those of you who don't know about my predilection for Calvados the apple brandy, this is just like a dream I didn't even know could come true.

October 24th - November 12th  - Perpignan. I'm not gonna front I was trying to WWOOF in the south east, but the south west responded to the call. Perpignan looks like fun. I'll be 25km out of town.

November 12 - 15 - Paris to Leipzig. That's in Germany. Sade is in Leipzig. So me and Carmen Cita are in Leipzig. Should be sufficiently bananas!

November 16 - 20 - Berlin. While this blog will be pg - 13. My time in Berlin won't be.  

November 21 - December 1 - Paris. Given the weather I am thinking Miles Davis' Up the Lift to the Scaffold. Fuck yea. 

December 2 - 5 - Barcelona. I'm thinking street art and tapas. 

December 5 - THE ATX baby! Get ready. Be ready. I'm comin' for ya!

So that's the plan party people. This should a totally dope trip. Pictures and Videos will absolutely follow!

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