Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Town


So much is imminently about to change in my life. I'm moving out of NYC, travelling in Europe for few months, and then....and then I don't know. I am applying to an alternative teaching certification program in Texas, just like I did here. Hopefully this time I won't get smacked around by a fucking car before the interview.

I will say though, that for once I am not scared. Well, not scared like I was in my 20s. This isn't a question of proving one's self. I've done that. This is about going out and getting up to whatever in the fuck I feel like getting up to. This is about putting a heavy emphasis on the quality of one's life. And let me tell you something, for all the wining, dining, and shopping...NYC still smells like dead swamp ass when the heat rolls through. 

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